Branding Session Behind the Scenes with Native Light Photo

I genuinely love working with other photographers. One thing I know we never have enough of is photos of ourselves doing what we do. There’s a lot of telling when it comes to letting others know what we do and how we do it. But sometimes it’s much easier to show it! So I was stoked to be able to get some branding session behind the scenes shots of Holli of Native Light Photo doing her thing during a session with Maggie Greene Style.

Everyone, especially business owners!, need regularly updated headshots. A good headshot can make all the difference in connecting with future clients. Having a branding photographer who knows how to pose you is so important!

One thing that’s vital in every branding session is discussing what makes your business unique. Maggie is a personal stylist, so Holli had her bring in clothes to showcase as if she were doing a consultation with a client.

One thing I love about lifestyle branding sessions is you really get to showcase not just what you do but how you do it. We can do so much explaining about our what and our why with copy on our websites but being able to show people the how is at the heart of lifestyle branding.

I loved getting to be behind-the-scenes with Holli and I learn something new every time we work together. Our photography community in West Seattle is just amazing.

And now, some more behind-the-scenes shots! And a reminder that I also do on-site lifestyle branding in Seattle and Missoula! You probably need updated images, so book a session with me!

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