Missoula Senior Photographer

Senior photography is all about honouring both the child they once were and the adult they’re becoming. Preserve their unique personality and this special time through lifestyle senior sessions, tailored to each young adult.

Hi, I’m Brigit

I’m an ambivert through and through: an adventure-seeking homebody, I’m as at home down a dirt road as I am in a bustling city. I can ramble in eight languages but am just as happy quietly people-watching. I’ve spent my life documenting my own life digitally and on film — now let me document yours!

Why Work With Me


If you want someone who knows Montana like the back of her hand and who knows how to get even the shyest of people to open up, I’m your gal!


I’ve spent years perfecting my bright, warm, film-like editing style, and I’ve even brought film back into my repertoire! I love reflecting back to people the love they share for each other!


I know how to roll with the punches in every situation, put everyone at ease, and never make getting your photos taken feel like a high-stakes job interview! I’ve seen it all and keep cooler than cool under pressure.

Family Photography Guide and Photo Session Social Story

Want to know what to expect from your family session and how best to prepare? Have a family member who’s autistic and would benefit from a social story about getting their photo taken? Check them out below!

Pricing & Information

Senior Sessions Begin at $500

Senior sessions are 45 minutes long and take place anywhere in Western Montana.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remember sitting down with your friends and their parents would embarass them by flipping through the family photo albums? Remember the look of film in those photos? There’s a timelessness to film that is unlike any other, and my style effortlessly replicates that feeling so you and your family will always have that nostalgic feel to your memories.

Let me reframe that: do you like when someone is giving you lots of directions? I know I don’t! My family sessions are play-based, meaning we play lots of games to get those big smiles and belly laughs. There’s no complicated posing directions here — everything is simple and emphasizes your love and connection.

Is water wet? Absolutely! I travel all over Montana and the Pacific Northwest (where I lived for 12 years and know inside and out). I return to the PNW at least twice per year to see my families and would love to meet you! Want to bring me someone further out? Send me an email!

For full family sessions, expect about a four week turnaround time.

I have more answers! Send me a message and we’ll chat.

Get In Touch

If you’re looking for a photographer and you connect with my work, I would love to hear from you!