Hi, I’m Brigit!


Lover of light, languages, and connection, I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember. I’ve been in business for six years now and can’t imagine doing anything else — I love meeting new people, seeing families grow over time, and getting to share in and capture the moments of your lives, from the big events like weddings to lazy Saturday mornings making pancakes. Endlessly inspired by adventure and connection, I love using big landscapes and tiny details to tell your unique story.

I know how important it is to find the right photographer. If you connect with my work I would love to hear from you!

My Signature Style

Natural Light

I’m a student of shooting in tricky situations and know how to use the light available and creatively add in light to create artful, timeless images.

Beautiful Scenery

I absolutely love using our big skies and gorgeous landscapes to tell your stories, giving them a sense of place.

Candid Imagery

There’s nothing like capturing the little smiles we give each other or the way your little holds your hands so tight. I capture everything from the perfect posed shots to the tiniest details. Photos with me are always fun, relaxed, and lowkey.

More Facts About Me

When I’m not behind a camera, you can usually find me baking something with my kids, planning my next trip somewhere, or trying out a new brewery with friends. I’m as happy riding trains in Tokyo as I am hiking in the mountains with my hound dog.

I moved around so much as a kid, pictures were often all I had to remind me of where I’d been. I got serious about photography during studies abroad in Tokyo and Seoul and working in Bejing, finally jumping to portrait photography after having my oldest.

I’ve lived all over the US and East Asia but Montana is the one place that just feels like home, no matter how far away I go or how long I’m away. After 13 years in Seattle, going to grad school, teaching preschool, and having kids, I’m ready to start our next chapter here!

Me But Make It Music

I always love getting to know people through their musical tastes! It’s such a universal language and fun way to connect with others. This playlist is what I would use to introduce myself to someone with only 20 songs. These songs are so special to me and always take me back to different times in my life: from riding my bike all over Laramie, Wyoming as a kid, driving winding mountain highways in Washington, or landing for the first time in my new home abroad in Asia. Music is a lot like photography — it can instantly transport you back to certain times and that’s why both are just so precious to me. (If you love any of these songs, too, I’d love it if you told me!)

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