Dan’s Personal Branding Session

Taking photos for friends of mine is always an incredible honour and treat. It’s so much fun to have them get in front of my camera and show off their beautiful personalities. And then we get to use inside jokes to help get them to laugh. So come with me and let’s relive Dan’s personal branding session together!

Before we get started: what’s a personal branding session? Simply put: a branding session for you, yourself. Your personal brand. Maybe you need a mix of shots for more than just professional usage. Maybe you’re a small business owner and you want something more casual than a business branding session. Do you maybe also want nice photos for dating sites that aren’t just awkwardly-posed photos your buddy took once or selfies from bad angles? That’s where personal branding sessions come in!

One thing I always make sure to do before every single session, whether we’ve been friends for years or not, is to get to know you. Because I want you to feel as relaxed as our good friend, Dan, here does. Every session with me is going to be as relaxed as we can make it because your unique personality comes through most when you’re fully at ease.

Speaking of unique personalities: did you know this lovely human is not only an aviation enthusiast but an aviation photographer, as well? It’s true! Go look at his work!

If you know me, you know I also love airplanes, so you bet I was stoked when he asked to get some shots in his 747 hoodie from the Boeing store. And look how nicely it meshes with the gorgeous sunset! Can you believe we got this incredible sunset in the middle of January??

Personal branding sessions are so fun for me. We get a good mix of professional and casual shots in a variety of outfits. Want something more put together for LinkedIn? Done. Want something casual for use on these here internets? Got you.

There’s nothing like having good photos of yourself. Not only are they so versatile (you can use them anywhere!), it’s honestly just so nice having nice photos of yourself. Especially when your photographer knows how to help your personality shine!

Ready to get some photos done? Send me an email or click the button below to choose your session!

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