Dreamy Canlis Wedding

When I got approached to cover this dreamy Canlis wedding, I can’t lie: I nearly screamed. Canlis is a bucket list venue, and this couple were so incredibly sweet and surrounded by so much love.

Despite it being the end of May, if you’re from Seattle, you know the weather can still be dicey. But we lucked out with incredible sunshine and the most gorgeous sunset. We got so lucky and were able to do bride and groom photos on the roof. Have you ever seen a more amazing view of Lake Union???

One thing I love about multicultural weddings is details. I always make sure to ask if there are any important cultural traditions or anything I can do, like speaking to your family in a common language. In this case, the bride’s family primarily spoke Korean, which I used to be mostly fluent in and can still chat in. Mom wore the prettiest hanbok for the wedding, also!

The bar in the executive room is so lovely and made for a perfect, moody spot for portraits!

I get so excited getting to incorporate veils in photos. It creates a great focal point, draws your eye back to the center, and creates the most dreamy portraits!

I could not think of a more perfect spot for groom portraits than this bar. I mean, look at it!

I so want to show you every single photo from this wedding. Not only were the couple so loving, welcoming, and surrounded in love, but their families and friends were the same.

The most beautiful part of this wedding, aside from the people, was the scenery. And the changing light from day to night was awe-inspiring.

It was such a joy and an honour to be part of this incredible day! If you’re planning to get married in Washington or Montana in 2024, reach out and schedule your consult call with me before my calendar books up! I can’t wait to capture your day digitally and/or on film!

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