Alki Beach Family Session

When my friend and my son’s former preschool teacher asked me if I would do an Alki Beach family session while both her daughters were here, I both squealed with delight and almost cried. Her family is the absolute sweetest, and I could not wait to capture their playful spirits.

We started off with lots of running and skipping. I love to play games that get kids moving at the start of sessions. It both helps get some energy out and gets them comfortable in front of the camera. These girls didn’t need any help with that, though, as we’ll see later on.

Sessions with bigger kids (from around 5-6 to around 10) are so fun. They take direction well, but they also have their own ways of playing. The movements and the smiles you capture are both bigger, too.

For big movements and big smiles, don’t count out classic playground games like ring around the rosy and London bridge. The girls had the fantastic idea to do trust falls into each other. I may have incorporated trust falls into every session with willing participants since.

I think my favourite part might have been the snuggles with grandma. It’s so special when I get to capture extended families because I so treasure my own photos with my huge Irish family.

Try and tell me there’s anything sweeter than getting to snuggle such a sweet little baby. You can’t, can you?

If I could spam you all with all the images from this session, I would. I would shove them in front of your face and scream “LOOK HOW SWEET THEY ARE” while sobbing. Fortunately for you (and unfortunately for me), I won’t be doing that.

But I will be encouraging you to check out my session offerings and book your own family session to capture these precious and irreplaceable memories.

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