Syrena Seattle Lifestyle Branding Session

I’ve been working with the Polish Home Association in Seattle doing event photography since last December. I love working with local non-profits, and especially ones that promote cultural heritage in our beautiful, diverse country. One of my favourite sessions recently has been this lifestyle branding session with Syrena Seattle, a relatively new Polish dance troupe. Let’s take a tour through some of what we captured and why lifestyle sessions are perfect for any and every occasion!

Individual Portraits

One thing I love about lifestyle branding sessions is the variety of poses we can do. Nothing has to feel forced or too Sears Portrait Studio. For Syrena Seattle, I wanted to make sure we got lots of photos with movement, from big twirls to simply showing off their lovely folk outfits. We always start with some movement, whether that’s walking or simply shifting weight from one foot to the other. Movement always helps to make poses look more natural and help you feel less awkward while posing!

Casual Lifestyle Images — with animals!

We got to do this session at a farm in Redmond which, hell yeah. It helped us create a wonderful folk vibe and made for some fun, more casual poses. Also who doesn’t love an excuse to pet a good little sheep? Come on. Please bring sheep with you to your next lifestyle branding session. Please and thank you.

Continuing with our folk vibe, we also got to pet a horse. Again, who doesn’t love petting horses? Getting a wide variety of images and scenarios in a lifestyle branding session is probably my favourite part of them. There’s no one formula and we can be as flexible as we want. Also they can include horses which, again, hell yeah.

Lifestyle Branding Images

I’m such a sucker for symmetry in photos. Can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to take these. I’ve always wanted to do one like the one in the centre and I’m so thankful we had such a beautiful big field with gorgeous daisies. It’s a whole vibe.

Another reason lifestyle branding sessions are the absolute best are that you get to do more casual shots like this. Group photos are so much more natural when everyone can be relaxed. Even with a huge camera in your face, it’s easier to focus on everyone else and not the photographer with some gentle prompting!

Said it before and I’ll keep saying it: one thing I love about a lifestyle branding session is that we get to play. We can chat and exchange ideas and weave them in in addition to the ideas I come with. It’s a much more collaborative process than a more styled studio session. (No shade on those, I just prefer these!)

Group Shots

I had such an incredible time doing this lifestyle branding session with Syrena Seattle and can’t wait to do another! Thank you again to them and the Polish Home Association for collaborating on this and the chance to be creative, have a blast, and create beautiful art for this lovely group of people!

If you need a lifestyle branding session (and you do, trust me), use the handy-dandy button below to reach out. Definitely give me a holler if you’re a local non-profit in Missoula or Seattle and we can chat about non-profit discounts I offer!

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