2018.06.26 - Gold Creek Pond

A morning hike at Gold Creek Pond on Snoqualmie Pass


Another adventure we took a few months ago while I was still able to hike in the mountains. I'm trying to be more conscious about being outdoors as much as possible. That was my goal when I had this little guy, but the rainiest winter on record made it difficult to even walk down the block without us both looking like drowned rats. But no more! And getting out and going on adventures around the beautiful Cascades and Olympics that surround us while we wait for our new little tiny human is a good habit-builder for when they do finally make their arrival.

As for this little guy, he's a natural hiker. If it can be explored, he'll explore it (cautiously, of course, which I greatly appreciate). Also, can we just talk about how cute his Alpine Baby Co leggings are? They really are perfect for playing in the woods.